2nd Annual Junk or Genius...

In it's inaugural year the 2011 Junk or Genius International Exhibition was an event that firmly established the Gallore Gallery as a premiere outlet for artist and collectors to exhibit and discover high end artwork.  The event featured 12 diverse artist from across the United States and around the globe.   In less than a years time the Gallore Gallery has quickly become recognized for it's unique awards, signature red carpet opening receptions, diverse international events and for the quality of contemporary artist they currently represent.  Now in its second year this sponsored event has become one of the art worlds premiere international competitions.  Attended by dealers, collectors & art enthusiast from the surrounding region and around the globe, the 2012 JOG exhibition will surely be an event again used for discovering and representing some of the world finest talents..  The talent garnered from last years pool of top notch participants have gone on to be represented for one full year by the Gallore Gallery. Each winner named not only received the title of JOG International or Domestic Winner but also Gallery Representation and a month long solo exhibition. With the turnout of past events, 2012 JOG promises to be bigger than last years event featuring more quality diverse artists.  This is certainly an event that attracts award-winning artist and emerging talent, seeking exposure to top buyers and representation from a top flight gallery should enter.

New Media
Digital Art