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De Cogitatum was conceived as a venue for contemporary artists to submit their work for independent review by a professional curatorial staff and to expose a broader audience to the work by making a digital portfolio available on the internet.  


In addition, De Cogitatum invites gallery directors and curators to review the work presented in the exhibition series and provides an opportunity for them to seek out and contact promising emerging artists.  New work is presented and critically reviewed on a weekly basis to allow for a maximum number of exhibitions for consideration.  In this way, De Cogitatum endeavors to negotiate the essential symbiosis between artists and the gallery and museum settings.  


As a not-for-profit enterprise, De Cogitatum provides these opportunities and services gratis.  Devoted to the promotion of contemporary art and artists, De Cogitatum  seeks to contribute to the dialogue of the contemporary art world, and as such, also avails artists of a forum for discussing their work in an international forum.   


De Cogitatum hosts discussions of the work through an accessible comment feature that allows those who view the exhibits and who read the reviews to publish their insights, and to engage the curatorial staff. In this way De Cogitatum contributes to the complication and expansion of contemporary ideas.




De Cogitatum welcomes the submission of artist portfolios for internet publication and review.  Work in all media, methods, techniques and styles of art-making will be considered.  Each portfolio submitted will be subject to a rigorous selection process and must meet high standards of excellence to be considered.


If you are an artist and have interest in submitting a portfolio for review by the De Cogitatum curatorial staff, please email us a dossier including the following:





These items may be emailed to: staff@decogitatum.com


If your work is selected for exhibition and review on the blog, you will be contacted and scheduled for specific dates.  Please specify if you are interested in your work appearing on De Cogitatum as a solo exhibition, or if you would prefer to appear in a group show.  


There is no fee for review of portfolios, and if your work is not accepted you may submit another portfolio for review at any time.  Artists whose work is not accepted will be notified via email.