The University Museum is hosting Sustain to encourage artists to make work utilizing recycled content. The exhibition is open to undergraduate and graduate students working with recycled materials. It is open to any media but entries must contain 70 percent recycled content. Entries will be juried by CUD, A.K.A Robbie Miller and John Drury, who are award winning glass artists that use recycled elements in their collaborative works. There are three prizes of $300, $200 and $100 plus accepted entries will be displayed in an online catalog, winning entries will be part of the Sustain booklet. The exhibition will not only feature recycled artworks but will also be produced using environmentally responsible methods including: LED lighting, recycled content pedestals, printing on recycled papers and mounting labels on recycled goods. The Sustain Booklet will document the exhibition to be a resource for galleries, artists and museums to produce and exhibit art in an environmentally conscious manner.

For the application form and information visit our website   email Curator of Exhibits Nate Steinbrink with any questions. Entries must be postmarked by December 6, 2011