Mystery Build Art Challenge

Purchase a Mystery Build Materials Kit.
    Create a work of art using ONLY the materials in the Kit, around the contest's Theme : Your Favorite Movie.
    Upload photos or videos of your creation to
    Over $10,000 in cash prizes. Winners are selected by a panel of judges and online public voting.
    The specific materials in the Kit will be unknown to you at the time of purchase, but you can expect to find some common sculpting materials like wood, metal, clay, and fiber. The Kits are 10" wide and 3.5" deep and contain around 3.5 lbs. of materials.
    Enter individually or as a team.
    Enter as many times as you want, using multiple Mystery Build Kits. The contents of multiple Kits may not be combined into a single Entry. You may use one Kit per Entry and create one Entry per Kit.
    For sale December 2011 through August 2012. Submissions are due by September 16, 2012.