Lay of the Land: The Terr...

Lay of the Land: The Terrain of the 21st Century:

Lay of the Land focuses on the vital role land and terrain play in the biodiversity of an ecosystem. It approaches the landscape of the natural world as a platform to document the current environmental crises facing us, nationally and internationally.

Our environment and the world are in constant flux with climate change, pollution, and natural disasters.Throughout the 20th and 21st century, the calls to action for land and wildlife preservation and ultimatelysustainability have altered our landscapes.

How do we accurately depict cityscapes or urban landscapes with the growth of trash heaps in major cities?

Do artists ignore the oil tanks on the horizon of the ocean when painting? Are warning and information signs from nature preserves or botanical gardens in artist’s drawings of birds or plants?

Qualified Artwork:

Artists are encouraged to discuss issues of sustainability, climate, beauty of the natural world, ecological disasters, environmental preservation, and pollution.


All exhibits take place online at and showcase artwork by international contemporary artists. Jury selected artwork will be exhibited for three months online at Infinity Art Gallery.

All eligible entries submitted by artists may be displayed online during the call-to-artists. Artists may choose not to participate in the pre-exhibit show and will have the option of “jurors only” when they submit their work.


All juried exhibits are open to artists everywhere.

Artists must be 18 years of age or older. Media (video/film/audio) not accepted. The original design and concept must have been created by the submitting artist, have been created without the use of a kit, and may not have been created under supervision or instruction. Artists may submit work that was submitted for previous exhibits, but may not submit artwork previously selected by the jury as a finalist in any exhibit at Infinity Art Gallery.


Flavia S. Zúñiga-West, is a Los Angeles based independent curator and artist consultant.

She has a strong interest in American material culture, contemporary art, and a passion for museums. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a B.F.A. in Fiber and Material Studies and earned a Master’s degree from the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences in the Museum Studies Program at New York University. She currently serves as Curator for Infinity Art Gallery’s 2012 exhibition season and as Program Chair of the Diversity Committee for the American Association of Museums.

Grand Opening:

January 15, 2012; no later than 12:00 noon PST

Award winners will be announced in our internationally distributed newsletter, and the artwork, and jurors comments of the award winners will be exhibited in the winners’ gallery. At this time the artwork of non-finalists are removed from the gallery and only the juried selected exhibit finalists will be on display in the gallery.


Creative works of art will be selected for artistic excellence, which includes concept and mastery of technique. Award winners will be announced the day of the Grand Opening. Five awards will be given, three will receive cash awards.

$1,500 Total Value of Awards

Best of Show - $300 cash, plus artist portfolio page valued at $200

2nd Place - $150 cash, plus artist portfolio page valued at $200

3rd Place - $50 cash, plus artist portfolio page valued at $200

Founders’ Choice - Artist Portfolio valued at $200

Director’s Choice - Artist Portfolio valued at $200


January 1, 2012 8:00 pm PST

A digital clock showing Pacific Standard Time is on display on the Home page and Submit Now page of the gallery. A countdown clock will be added to the Submit Now page 3-4 days prior to deadline.

Submitting Entries:

Artists pay an entry fee of $25 USD to submit 1 or 2 works of art. Artists may enter more than once.

Artist Statements:

Artists are encouraged to submit an artist statement - up to 100 words for each piece. You may write something different for both pieces of art.

Image Guidelines:

Please submit high quality photos that are acceptable for viewing online.

Infinity Art Gallery makes every effort to prevent visitors from electronically copying or printing large images.

Two-dimensional (2D) pieces: artists may only submit 1 view per piece.

Three-dimensional (3D) pieces: artists may submit 2 views per piece.

Image Size: 72 dpi images should be a minimum of 850 pixels and a maximum of 2000 pixels. High resolution

(300dpi) images can be smaller.

Image File Size: cannot exceed 1.2 MB for each image.

Image Quality: When preparing your image, please use little or no compression and if saving as a jpg, use Baseline standard. If you need to reduce the file size, it is better to make the image size smaller than to add compression.

Image Format: You may submit your artwork in the following image formats: jpg, tiff, pdf, bmp, and if given the option, use RGB color mode.

File Names: Please rename your image files using the following example: smith-bob-titleofart.jpg. Sending your images with the camera's file name (DSC09873.jpg) may cause your artwork to be improperly displayed online.

Images should not contain gallery name, copyright symbols, camera date stamps or any other identifying marks. (artist's signature on artwork is acceptable) PowerPoint, slide shows, flash files, videos, etc. will not be accepted.

Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)