Aesthetic Taste Volume 3

  Aesthetic Taste is a quarterly publication dedicated to the advancement of contemporary art and art practice. We serve as a forum for artists and art-enthusiasts eager for challenging, refreshing art-work and criticism of contemporary art. Aesthetic Taste champions work that seeks to differentiate itself from the majority of visual culture through complexity, strength of character, and a rejection of the boring. Our only motive is the dissemination of work of this caliber.

    For Volume 3, set to release in the spring, we will focus on art that has qualities of Resurrection, Rebirth, and Coronation. We are looking for artworks, essays, and poems that reflect the beginnings, ends, and afterlives of objects in contemporary culture. The art works can be celebratory and/or deal with victory and defeat. We want all artists interested in being a part of our third volume to think of our call for art as a loose guideline for submission. Your original intentions for creating your submitted art may be different from the guidelines we have requested. That is perfectly fine. We would rather you critique your work and find ways that it vaguely echoes the sentiments that we seek through our guidelines.

There are two ways to submit:
2. – Our Submission Page

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resurrect  (?r?z??r?kt)   — vb 1. to rise or raise from the dead; bring or be brought back to life 2. ( tr ) to bring back into use or activity; revive: to resurrect an ancient law 3. ( tr ) to renew (one's hopes, etc) 4. facetious  ( tr ) (formerly) to exhume and steal (a body) from its grave, esp in order to sell it
the act or ceremony of crowning a king, queen, or other sovereign.
noun 1. a new or second birth: the rebirth of the soul
2.a renewed existence, activity, or growth; renaissance or revival: the rebirth of conservatism.