Night Light

Night photography reveals a world that we do not consciously see and offers photographers unique creative opportunities.

Night and day, dark and light - one implies the absence of the other.  But like yin yang, each has a bit of the other. The surprising thing to first time night photographers is how their images reveal things that the mind's eye does not see.  Different light sources reveal their true colors. Compared to daylight, directed and weaker light creates drama, contrast, mystery and mood. The dynamic range of light at night tends to be more in line with our tools abilities. Of course there are technical challenges with shooting in low light, but also tremendous creative opportunities. That's what we want to show with this exhibit. Do you work with existing light - or do you introduce your own? Maybe you paint with light emitting light brushes. How have you approached shooting at night to express your vision? We want to see.

Juror: Linda Rutenberg

Linda Rutenbergm, a Montreal-born native, who has been a photographer for 30 years. Her MFA in Photography is from Concordia University. She's taught photography and worked as a freelance photographer for thirty years. Her fine art work has been exhibited internationally. She has produced several series:- Urban Visions, Sacred Sites, Terre Caliente, One Island - Many Cities, Mont Royal - A World Apart, The Spiritual Landscape and is presently working on a nocturnal garden series.

Linda has become particularly known for her striking images of flowers taken at night, revealed in a series of books, starting with The Garden at Night: Private Views of Public Edens (2007),After Midnight (2008)and The English Garden at Night (2009). 

We're fortunate to have a dedicated to the night photographer serving as juror for Night Light.