Among Trees

DEADLINE July 5th 2012 Midnight EST
Juror:Beth Moon

© Beth Moon

© Beth Moon

We live among trees - depend on them - harvest them - eat from them - worship them - love them. To some people trees are home, to others -- simply a resource. For this exhibit we want to examine the lives of trees and their intersection with our lives.


Trees transcend time as we experience it.  How many of us as children have planted a tree, watched it grow and then left it behind to a new generation? Trees stand as witnesses to generations past, present and future. Trees are part of the ecological web of life on earth and whether we know it or not we all depend on them. 

Show us what trees mean to you. Objects of beauty, reverence, necessity? Symbols of strength and stoicism?  Monuments to the past?  Victims of man's consumption?  We want to see how you envision life Among Trees.


Juror: Beth Moon

Time, memory and nature are the central motifs that underlie the photographic imagery of American photographer Beth Moon. Whether she is recording the majestic, sentinel-like Baobab trees for the Portraits of Time series; capturing the strange balance between childhood innocence and the darker wisdom of nature in the project, Thy Kingdom Come;  rendering menacing carnivorous plants in the Savage Garden portfolio, or constructing fanciful, dreamscapes in the Seen But Not Heard portfolio;  Moon reveals a magical and intuitive appreciation for the ways in which time, memory and nature define our understanding of man's place in the universe.

Moon studied fine art at the University of Wisconsin. Moving to England and inspired by the many ancient trees there, she decided to make a series of their portraits. She mastered platinum/palladium printing, an ideal process for her vision. Her work has been the object of numerous solo and group exhibitions in museums and galleries worldwide, receiving critical acclaim. 

Beth now resides in Marin County, California. We are excited to have a juror who's work's longevity seems only too appropriate for a subject mater as permanent as trees.
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Submissions Close 5-Jul-2012
Midnight EST
Selections Announced by 10-Jul-2012
On-Line Check-in Due 20-Jul-2012
Work Receipt Deadline 30-Jul-2012
Exhibit Opens 2-Aug-2012
Artists Reception TBA
Exhibit Closes 26-Aug-2012

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