Instructions Not Included

Artspace is seeking artists/makers to participate in the exhibition Instructions Not Included: Tinker, Hack, Tweak, organized by Artspace's Education Curator Martha Lewis. This exhibition, slated to run from November 9, 2012 to late January 2013, will construct a visual discussion around the creative possibilities of readymade culture. The exhibition will serve as a forum for reexamining industrial design, our daily environment, and the objects with which we surround ourselves. Artspace is putting out two calls for artists, one for artists to participate in a project within Artspace's gallery and one for temporary works for our building's exterior. 

The interior call seeks Connecticut-based artists who, in addition to exhibiting work, will commit to be in the gallery at least once per week as artists-in-residence, working on both individual and collaborative projects, for the duration of the show. Each artist will occupy a portion of the gallery with a desk area and visuals board to share their concepts, working process, and inspirations. 

The exterior call, for temporary pieces on and around Artspace, is open to all regional artists. Proposed pieces should interact with the works taking place inside and invite a reexamination of the gallery's historic location within a former furniture factory. We welcome works with a political edge, a sense of humor and wonder, and which possess a strong sense of design—suggested projects include yarn-bombing, light installations, sound works, and projections. Projects must not damage the façade of the Chamberlain Building or interfere with normal operations of doors and sidewalks. Dimensions for Artspace's windows can be found here. Photographs of the exterior of the building can be found here.


For more information about the show, specific details, and how to apply please click here:

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