humor; analog humor


humor; analog humor


October, 2012


Tipton Gallery, 126 Spring St, Johnson City, TN


Humor and art have been infrequent partners at best. With both a philosophical interest in the nature of humor and its relationship to aesthetics, this exhibition invites artworks that may utilize a conceptual approach and are actually funny, occupying this middle ground between art and humor in ways that might be thought-provoking, absurd, or even just silly.

Curatorial Criteria

- all work must be funny. if you make the curator laugh, chuckle, wryly smile, or have a genuine humorous reaction, then it’s included. if not, it’s not. don’t worry: the curator has a very wide ranging sense of humor. except when it comes to woody allen movies which, for some reason, he just doesn’t get.

- all work must be in analog form, nothing digital will be accepted; suggested analog forms include, but are not limited to: index cards, single sheets of paper, cassette tapes, small sculpture, airmail envelopes, 35mm slides, canned goods, morse code and anything else that you might think of. but it must be analog. no zeros and ones.

- all of the work must be small. maximum size is one cubic foot (not one cubit foot). minimum size is the head of a pin.

- all work must be signed. this also means that all work can be catalogued, so dates, dimensions, material, etc. must be either included separately with the entry or readily discernible. an online catalog of every object submitted will be published.

- all work must be environmentally disposable. you can retrieve your work at the end of the show, or pay to have it shipped back, but it is expected that the vast majority of work will be trashed on the last day. we will provide the trash bags.


Scott Contreras-Koterbay, curator, for further information at or Or simply submit your work to Humor Exhibition, Scott Contreras-Koterbay, Box 70708, Department of Art & Design, East Tennessee State University, Johnson City, TN, 37614