US Trust

We have entered an era where democracy has been co-opted by big money. This next election cycle will be decided by a flood of corporate dollars – many billions more than have ever been spent on an election. Most elections will be decided by the propaganda that this money buys, and the government will then be guided by those writing the checks. It’s a flashback to the robber baron democracy of the late 19th century: the era of Trusts and Monopolies.

Propaganda creates a veil that shrouds the true stories: the deprivation of health care, the loss of economic opportunity for all, the corruption of our agriculture, and the catastrophic effects of climate change. In such a moment as this, art that ignores the political issues is art that’s stuck behind that veil.

This exhibition looks to spotlight such issues and create a dialogue about the struggle between disinformation and truth. The team of artists known as Johnny Everyman are organizing and curating the exhibition, accepting entries in any medium with particular interest in painting, print/graphics, video, and performance.

Submissions are due by September 15 2012.

For more information and entry information, please visit