Open Call for exhibition ...


      "TunnelProject" is an international collective exhibition of contemporary art curated by GaleriaZero from 
      The Netherlands and to realize in one of the excellent underground spaces near Waterloo station in   
       LONDON. (The exact location will be facilitated at a later date.) The exhibition will contain a conjunction of  

       rigorously selected art works and showing the most innovative proposals of painting, photography, video, installation and performance art. 
      This event will be realized from 15 to 19 April 2014 and is  Open for Applications


     Description of the space.


     This charming exhibition space in the underground world near Waterloo Station 

     is about 250 m2.    It has beautiful white walls and a high and vaulted ceiling.

     There is professional lighting of museum quality for the illumination of art works. 


     The access for the public is more than interesting. 

     People have to walk 50m through a street tunnel full of grafiti that is used 

     for concerts, photo shooting and filming - before reaching the exhibition hall. 


    Technical service,  security , helpers and other resources will make of this

    exhibition an unforgettable and outstanding event inwhich the artworks get

    the best possible display.


Pen and Ink
New Media
Digital Art