Project "Being" @ CHELSEA...

1. Title :
 Project "Being"

2. Subtitle: A Celebration of Life

3. Hosting & Exhibition Venue : Movement-E NY & Emoa Space Chelsea, NY

4. Exhibition Concept :

“Being” or existence has been at the heart of conversations between philosophers and thinkers, from the East to the West, throughout human history. But the subject is often laden with a feeling of heaviness or intensity. The word “Being”, however, also has a sense of lightness to it. Say it to yourself, and here the rhythm and joy in the word: Being! EMOA SPACE is looking for creative submissions to our show Project ‘Being’: A Celebration of Life.

6. Media : 

any 2D format with or within a size of tabloid or A3 (3D media or lager size may be accepted after reviews)

7. Qualification :Any artists or students of artistic insight and talent.

8. Awards :

    •  Curator's Choice Award for top artist : $2,000 & Invitation for a next show
    •  Most Beloved Award for the most !.voted' artist : Invitation for a next show

9. Benefit :

    •  Opening reception
    •  Two-week-long exhibition @ EMOA SPACE CHELSEA, NY
    •  Certificate of Participation
    •  Artists & artworks listed on the official homepage and major art communities
    •  ISBN-registered exhibit brochure
        * Available in formats of printed, eBook, and PDF