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It is becoming more and more important for artists to take the promotion of their image and their art upon themselves. With the number of artists in the world increasing much faster than the number of galleries it is important now, more than ever, for an artist to stand out in the crowd and make sure that right people notice them. Artists need an effective way to reach their target audience; this is where we can help.

liebe glaube hoffnung is looking for Artists, Designers and Photographers that want to take the presentation of their work to the next level. Artists that want to develop their own unique artistic identity and share it with the world.

We want to give one talented and ambitious artist the chance to branch out and get ahead with an individually tailored ‘Identity Package’, including the artist-relevant stationary and a website, which can be updated by the artist. As part of the package the winner will also be invited to take part in our upcoming ‘Art Is Here’ exhibition (March 2013).



The Winner of our competition will receive an 'Identity Package' designed exclusively for them by liebe glaube hoffnung.

The 'Identity Package' includes:

   A appearance.

   Concept for the representation.

   Implementation to the artists' stationary.

   The creation of Wordpress-website* that will be unique to the artists' aesthetically matching the 'Look and Feel'. The website can be updated by the artist.

The winner will also be given the opportunity to visit our agency, meet and dine with our team and spend a night in the exquisite Villa Godesberg (travel costs not included).

As a final part of the prize the winner will also be invited to be a part of our upcoming ‘Art Is Here’ exhibitions.


The full detatils of entry can be found here:


Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)