Stacked Deck skateboard a...

Stacked Deck is a skateboard art show wiith all works either on skateboards, made from skateboards, or photography of skateboarding. This exhibit will be shown at Skate Naked a large warehouse based skate park in Columbus Ohio. The event will also feature a live skate contest, live music, skate demo with pro riders, and video release. Works will be displayed in the shop gallery along with the main wall of the park that will be converted into a gallery for the month. The exhibit will also move to a second warehouse location with any remaining artworks for a collaborative show with the annual Urban Scrawl Mural Festival in downtown Columbus. This event will be highly promoted with printed materials and online presence. Comissions for the work are very fair and the roster will be filled with international talent.

Artwork in any style is accepted so long as it meets the following requirements are met:

1. Artwork is created on a skateboard or skateboard deck

2. Artwork is creaded with a skateboard such as a sculpture, woodcarving, installation, furnature, and so on

3. Artwork or photography of skateboarding in action will also be considered. resources to get photographic images transfered to skateboards are available through boardpusher dot com. 

Artist should submit 3-5 images of artwork and images to be considered. If accapted artists are required to supply delivery or shipping to and from the event in Columbus Ohio. Artwork can also be donated after the event to either venue to help support both the art communities as well as the skatepark that will host the art show. This is optional, but a great way to help support the skate culture and it's progress. 

Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)