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Online Shortlist & Feature + International Juried Exhibition in Vancouver, BC




FotoFilmic is a new global curatorial platform dedicated to contemporary film photography worldwide. Its main objective is to sustain working and amateur photographers shooting on film from all backgrounds and horizons by providing them a high quality yet accessible publication outlet both online and through exhibition opportunities. By supporting film photographers everywhere, FotoFilmic also aims at strengthening the virtuous economical circle that exists between film practitioners and film manufacturers. In the end, FotoFilmic is all about preserving the unique appeal of film photography aesthetics and fostering the present artistic representation of the medium enough to ensure it a durable future – and keep its community of passionate imagemakers happy on all continents!




To celebrate its official launch, Fotofilmic is organizing a massive 6-month film photography competition open to all film photographers around the globe. From December 15th, 2012 through June 15th, 2013 FotoFilmic will accept entries of up to 10 individual film photography images to be shortlisted and featured online. Every two months in that process, FotoFilmic will announce 30 winners for a total of 90 film photographers and a final portfolio of 270 film photographs (3 selected images to be displayed online per shortlisted photographer). Next, an international jury of film photography professionals will review FotoFilmic’s Online Shortlist and pick the 30 pieces to be exhibited as FotoFilmic’13 Contemporary Film Photography Exhibition in Vancouver, Canada. In an accelerating context of near digital ubiquity, FotoFilmic’13 ambitions to celebrate and represent 21st C. film photography in all its diversity of fine art practices, approaches, aesthetics and processes.








PART I – Online curated shortlist & feature:


    • 90 photographers selected by Fotofilmic over a 6-month period (Dec ’12-June ’13)


    • Online feature with interview showcasing selected images


    • Free optional 1-year PrintShop contract




PART II – Shortlisted photographers automatically compete for:


   • International Juried Exhibition to take place in Vancouver in August 2013


    • Exhibition Catalogue


    • $500, $300 and $200 Winners Cash Prizes






    First Application Deadline: 02-15-2013






    $25 for 3 entries


    $30 for up to 10 entries




For any questions, drop us a line at


Detailed submission process information at


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