Next Picasso

Call for Artists Submissions

Next-Picasso.Com is looking for submissions from emerging and established painters, printmakers, and photographers.

Who We Are: Next-Picasso.Com isa curated site dedicated to presenting quality affordable art to collectors, that will be launching in February.  This is a new site developed by a curator with 18 years of experience tastefully presenting and selling art on the web, as well as experience in making markets internationally for artist’s work. This is not a one size fits all art merchandizing site, we value quality, passion, and ideas in a work of art — we’re decidedly not all things to all people.

If your work is considered a good fit, we’ll present it in a sophisticated manner; we’ll be passionate advocates for it. We believe collectors want an engaging online experience that informs about the aesthetics, the ideas, and the process underlying the art, not to just click and buy something that really “ties the room together.”

Our Approach: Affordable Art has become a buzzword in recent years for good reason. The current economic climate has made the traditional gallery model increasingly passé — an inefficient, ineffective “old media” platform for delivering art to collectors. Next-Picasso.Com takes the collector behind the gallery walls and into the world of the artist. Think of it as a virtual open studios tour, with an experienced curator, or a moderated Online Salon connecting collectors with exceptional affordable art direct from the artist’s studio.

What we need from you: A minimum of three digital images of paintings, prints, or photographs, (flat art) that you are willing to digitally, rather than physically, consign to the gallery site for an agreed upon period of time. They need to be works priced to sell at or below certain Affordable Art Price Points: $500 and under, $1000 and under, $1,500 and under, $2,000 and under, and $3,000 and under.

If selected we’ll also need a bio, an artist’s statement, a headshot, and an image of you at work in the studio.

We look forward to hearing from you! Email to:



Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Printmaking (hand pulled)