Paper Cuts
“Paper Cuts”
Gallery M Squared

Gallery M Squared would like to make public our request for artist’s submissions for, “Paper Cuts,” our first annual, all paper juried exhibition. This call is open to all artists working on paper in all mediums. Work submitted will be juried by internationally acclaimed artist Sharon Kopriva.

Twenty six (26) 2D artists, and up to six (6) 3D artists working with paper will be selected to participate in this unique exhibition opportunity. Six (6) works by each selected artist will be displayed over a three (3) month period, two works per artist, each month. There will be three (3) opening receptions associated with this exhibition. Please see details below.

Works will be on view from Wednesday, June 5, 2013, through Sunday, August 25, 2013.

Gallery M Squared will provide all presentation frames, mounting, and pedestals for this exhibition.

Frames will be approximately 24” X 24”, (Measurements are in inches) and made of wood painted black with a 3/4’’ (Measurements are in inches) black revile. 2D work will be mounted on white foam core approximately 23” X 23” (Measurements are in inches). Gallery M Squared will mount each work by means of linen hinging tape. Pedestal tops will be 24” X 24” (Measurements are in inches) painted white.

For out of area artists, Gallery M Squared will pay for return shipping if applicable.

Work will be juried via photo(s) on plain computer paper print out. There is no need to use expensive photo paper. We will use a blind juror process so please do not sign your name to your print outs. Please do not submit more than three (3) examples of your work per entry. One (1) entry per artist. Deadline for entry submission is Saturday, February 23, 2013. Accepted artists will be notified by phone on Saturday, February 25 -26, 2013.

Send submissions along with all contact information, (name, address, phone number, and e-mail) and a money order for the amount of $30.00 US made payable to Gallery M Squared to,

Gallery M Squared/Call for Entries
339 W. 19th St.
Houston, TX.

Important dates and other information:

Deadline for submissions:
Saturday, February 23, 2013 received or delivered before gallery closes at 6pm.

Call back for accepted submissions:

Monday, February 25, 2013 – Tuesday, February 26, 2013 by 6pm.

Delivery of accepted work:

All six (6) accepted works must arrive or be hand delivered on or before Wednesday, May 29, 2013 by 6pm closing.

Submission fee included with submission:

A money order for the amount of $30.00 US made payable to Gallery M Squared.


Max Harrison / Gallery M Squared 713.861.6070 Wednesday – Saturday 11am – 5pm, and Sundays 1pm – 4pm.

Requirements for accepted 2D works:

1. All work must be original, produced by the artist, and created for the purpose of this exhibition.
2. All work must be on square paper for presentation measuring no less than 13” X 13” and no more than 23” X 23” (Measurements are in inches.)
3. Works must be mountable with, “Acid Free, Linen Hinging Tape.”
4. All work must be on paper. (No works on tissue, rice or other fragile papers will be accepted due to mounting requirements.)
5. Matted work will not be accepted.

Requirements for accepted 3D works:

1. All work must be original and produced by the artist.
2. All work must measure no less than 13” X 13” and no more than 23” X 23” (Measurements are in inches.)
3. Paper sculpture is limited to Houston based artists due to possible shipping and height restrictions. All sculpture must be hand delivered by the artist or their representative.
4. Cardboard is accepted.
5. Sculpture may not exceed 4’ in height.

Exhibition and reception dates:

Wednesday June 5, 2013 will open, “Paper Cuts” with an opening reception on Friday June 7, 2013 from 7pm. – 9pm. The work will be changed out July 1-2, 2013, and “Paper Cuts” will reopen on Wednesday July 3, 2013 with an opening reception on Friday July 5, 2013 from 7pm – 9pm. One last time the work will be change on July 29-30, 2013 and the exhibition will continue on Wednesday July 31, 2013 with a final reception on Friday August 2, 2013 from 7 – 9pm. The exhibition ends Sunday August 25, 2013.

Gallery M Squared retains a 40% commission on all works sold.

Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Printmaking (hand pulled)