Art in the Heart of the City

The Downtown Ithaca Alliance (DIA) is pleased to invite artist applications for its 14th annual outdoor public art exhibition, Art in the Heart of the City.  Work will be installed in June on and around the new Cayuga Street Art Corridor.  An opening reception will be held on July 5th in conjunction with Ithaca’s First Friday Gallery Night.  The Alliance has commissioned a jury of leading art experts and Ithaca community leaders to select featured artists for the 2013 exhibition. Jurists to include: members of the Public Art Commission, City officials, Downtown Ithaca Alliance staff and Public Works Department staff.

 Each artist is expected to display two –five (2-5) pieces of work. 2012 winners and their pieces can be viewed at the Alliance web site (  Both experienced and emerging artists are encouraged to apply.This is a broad and open ended invitation for all artists and sculptors. All styles, mediums and materials are invited and welcome, subject to the criteria for public art described below:


  ·         Durable:  able to withstand Ithaca’s variable weather and public handling


  ·         Safe:  Ease and stability of installation, non-breakable materials, pedestrian safety

  ·         Appropriate and Compelling:  themes and images that can be enjoyed by visitors of all ages


Stipend and Support


           $750 for each selected artist for use in preparation and/or transportation




       Technical Support


       Installation assistance may be available upon request


       DIA online gallery




Prospective applicants are encouraged to call the Downtown Ithaca Alliance office at (607)277-8679 to discuss their ideas and proposals.




To Submit:




·         By email to and/or


·         Paper copy with CD to Downtown Ithaca Alliance, 171 E. State St., PMB #136, Ithaca, NY 14850




For more information about this project and Ithaca, see our website