A Night of Energy

1)    A Night of Energy-Project Intent:


A Night of Energy is a CoPIRG sponsored event focused on advocating sustainability through creative expression! A colorful array of talents including visual artists, musicians, poets, and performers will inspire the community of Colorado Springs to embrace an environmentally conscious lifestyle.  This event aims to facilitate growth of sustainable culture in our community. Networking is encouraged to develop further projects and initiatives that will enable a greener way of life in Colorado Springs.  The artworks and performances will be showcased at the newly renovated IvyWild School gymnasium.  The show will be open to the general public.



a)    Artwork(s), Music, Poetry, and Performance should:


i)      Encourage sustainability by creating works that reflect environmentally conscious ideals (i.e. recycling, organic products, renewable energy)


ii)    Or capturing our lack of sustainability as a society (i.e. dependence on fossil fuels, depletion of fertile soil, pollution) to promote greener lifestyles.


(1)  Visual art can be made from any medium and must follow criteria (i & ii).  


(a)  Conventional (i.e. ceramics, mixed media, paint, pencil, metal, photography, etc.) and unconventional (i.e. waste materials) are both equally valid. 


(b)  Works may not exceed 6 feet in any direction.


(c)  Artists must provide their own display (easel, floating wall) due to venue restrictions. However, tables will be provided upon request.


(2)  Music: must follow criteria described above (i. & ii).


(a)  Instrumental is accepted, however, music with lyrics encouraging and inspiring green action is preferred.


(b)  Performances can be no longer than 10 min in length.


(3)  Performers (Poetry, Dance, Comedians, ect.): must maintain relevance to green theme (i & ii).


(a)   Each performance can be no longer than10 min in length.


All participants are asked to be present during the show and be prepared to casually discuss their ideas with community members and other artists.  Keep in mind that this event is intended to inspire change by cultivating a sustainable culture in Colorado Springs!





2)    Eligibility:


a)    All participants must reside in the state of Colorado.


b)    Although college students are preferred, participation is not restricted by any criteria such as race, age, national origin, skill level, gender, sexual orientation, military status, marital status, or any physical or mental disability.


c)    Artists teams comprised of individuals from various areas of expertise are also eligible to be included.


3)    Time Line:


a)    March, 14, 2013:         Accepting participant submissions


b)    April, 5, 2013:              Entry Deadline


c)    April,12, 2013:             Finnish reviewing and confirming participants (Paneled)


d)    April, 21, 2013:            A Night of Energy: (Sustainability Event)


4)    A Night of Energy---Event Details:


a)    Location:

i)      IvyWild School

1604 South Cascade St, Colorado Springs, Co 80905   

b)    Date:

i)     Sunday, April, 21, 2013:


Event Timeline:

CoPIRG reserves the right to make changes to this schedule


(1)  10:00 am- 2:00pm:     Art drop off and performance set up


(2)  3:00pm-4:00pm:         Admission and artwork exhibition


(3)  4:00pm-4:10pm:         Seating audience for performances


(4)  4:10pm-5:30pm:         Performances


(5)  5:30pm-5:45pm:         Intermission


(6)  5:45pm-7:00pm:         Performances


(7)  7:00pm-8:00pm:         Removing art and helping performers pack up

5)    How to Apply:


All participants please email event organizer, Alex Hladkyj, with requirements listed below: 



a)    Visual Artists:

i)     Please email 2-3 pictures of work.

ii)    Provide a brief biography of yourself, an artist statement, and contact information (email and phone number).


b)    Musicians:  

i)     Please schedule a meeting time with event organizer, Alex Hladkyj, to perform your piece for approval.

ii)    Send an email with a brief biography and description of the composition.

iii)   Providing a digital recording is also acceptable.


c)    Poets:

i)     Please email a copy of the poem along with a brief biography and contact information (email and phone number).


d)    Other performers: 

i)     Please email a brief biography, description of medium, and contact information (email and phone). 

ii)    Scheduling a meeting time for approval is essential to ensure eligibility and relevance.   


All participants must be present for the entire show (3pm-7pm) and be able to transport their art, equipment, and props to and from venue. Time for set up (10:00am-2:30pm) and take down (7:00pm-8:00pm) will be on April, 21, 2013.



6)    Selection Process:


a)    All submissions will be reviewed by a panel of 4 CoPIRG employees, two professional artists, and two musicians.


b)    Final decisions and participant notification will be completed by April, 12, 2013.



7)    Participant Notification:


a)    Participants will receive an email notifying acceptance or disapproval.


i)     Look for Email with subject line: A Night of Energy: Participant Notification



8)    Compensation and Sales:


a)    Art, musical recordings, and other merchandise may be sold through this event.  Sellers may dictate the price of their items with the following agreement:


i)     Total sale= 60% for artists, 20% for IvyWild, 20% for CoPIRG.

ii)    Must notify event organizer of price before submission deadline (April, 5, 2013).

iii)   All sellers are responsible for completion and remittance of sales tax to the State of Colorado.


b)    All donation based admission funds will be divided evenly among participants (33%), IvyWild (33%), and CoPIRG (33%).



9)    Publicity:


 Participants may be included in upcoming press releases if submission and approval is completed before March, 29, 2013.


a)    Current or Confirmed Media:


i)     Pikes Peak Earth Day Calendar (online)


ii)    The Gazette (online)


iii)   Independent


b)    Tentative Media:


i)     Black Forest News


ii)    Flyers in local businesses


iii)   The Scribe (UCCS News)


iv)  Commode Chronicles  (UCCS)


v)    UCCS Radio




a)    Alex Hladkyj

CoPIRG- Event Organizer


b)    Email: letusclimb@gmail.com


c)    Cell: 719-651-8329


Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)