Coast West: A Festival of...

Coast West is a FUNdraising festival for Captain Bluebird. Our mission is to create a fun connection between our community and nature. Through quality, hands on activities, great performances, community involvement, we are building a festival about experiences and memories.

We are most interested in showcasing artists who focus on creatively reusing materials, highlighting local PNW and Olympic Peninsula landscapes, environmental issues, and new ways to engage community members.

Gallery will be reserved for original pieces entered in Art Competition. Entries must be approved before May 15th.

Entry Deadline: May 15th
First Entry: $20
Additional Entries: $15

Pieces intended to be displayed by hanging should have all necessary hardware installed prior to hang date. (Friday June 21)

Sculptural Pieces will be displayed on the floor or on a table with a linen cloth.

A Gallery Attendant will handle all sales in the front of gallery. 25% commission will be donated to fund Captain Bluebird's future indoor play area and craft space. If you would like to sell prints, please package them in a protective sleeve. We will supply a display case able to accommodate prints up to 8.5x11". If you are interested in selling larger prints, please discuss this with us by May 15th. Print sales will also be subject to 25% commission.

Artwork will be judged by a panel of no more than 3 people. Third Place will receive $50, Second will receive $150, First will receive $300.

All entries must received as digital photographs by May 15th. Images must be no larger than 8x10 and 150dpi. 3D works may have up to 4 photographs per piece. Instructions on how to submit will be delivered upon Application Acceptance.

You will receive a packet with information on our Artist Reception when your entry submissions are accepted. We request all forms signed and mailed before June 1st.

If you have any further questions, concerns, or recommendations, please feel free to contact Jen.


Pen and Ink
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Printmaking (hand pulled)