Place/Non-place: Locality...


 In his book “Non-Places: Introduction to an Anthropology of Supermodernity,” Marc Augé coined the phrase “non-place” to refer to transient places—such as freeways, airports, supermarkets, and big box stores—which do not hold enough significance to be regarded as “places.” These non-places seem at first to be anonymous and interchangeable, devoid of memory or a sense of belonging. Yet as more and more our of daily lives are spent occupying such ‘non-places,’ artists are investigating the ways in which the particularities of ‘place’—humanity, storytelling, and belonging—can come out of or be revealed in the non-place.


Venice Arts Gallery, located in Los Angeles, CA, invites artists exploring these transient, postmodern spaces of everyday life, or their counterparts—the specific, the personal, and the local—to submit work for our annual Summer Juried Exhibition—“Place/Non-place: Locality in the Digital Age.”


The Venice Arts Gallery focuses on photography, film, and media arts. The exhibition is open to artists working in photography, film, video, and digital/new media. 


Winning entries will be shown at the Venice Arts Gallery June 29–August 16, 2013, with an opening reception for the artists on Saturday, June 29th, 5-8pm. Regional, national, and international entries are accepted. There is no fee for entry. 

Traditional Photography
New Media
Digital Art