Upcycle Art Fest

This festival is being held to showcase how quality items can be made from reclaimed, reused, repurposed, upcycled, and recycled materials. Therefore, ONLY items that are at least 60 percent or more recycled/repurposed content are allowable. Items for sale need to be handmade and not widely manufactured.


A barrier island located on the Gulf Coast of Southwest Florida, Sanibel is known throughout the world as a premier beach destination, attracting millions of annual visitors from around the world. With the Upcycle! Art Fest scheduled for the weekend after Easter, we anticipate a high level of attendance.


All work displayed for sale, must be original and 60% to 75% or more of recycled/re-purposed/re-used materials, produced by the exhibitor. The artist must be present during the entire Upcycle! Fest. Our criteria for recycled is using elements that were originally manufactured and would be thrown away, if it were not for your creativity to reformat in an artistic manner different from its intended original use. A good criterion is that the materials you use are considered junk, or would have ended up in a landfill if you hadn’t “rescued” them for art. For our purposes, materials from nature, such as rocks, tree trunks, sticks etc. are not recycled, however they may be considered through the jury process if they are determined to be eco-friendly.