Mantra as Art

Mantra as Art
Mantra as Art- The show asks the artist to share their mantra. We’re  not necessarily referring  to the word in an Eastern meditation sense. 


Rather, we’d like to explore with you what image, object or words that you might choose to focus on or continually return to in order to :

- stay calm, bring peace

- to move forward

- to be your best “you.” 




-All media considered. Max size 1296 sq. in., equiv of 36 x 36”

-Original work only, no reproductions

-Open to all U.S. artists

 Entry Fee:

-Up to 3 images of original artwork per artist may be submitted for a $35 non-refundable entry fee.

-Please make checks/money orders out to Journey Art Gallery or you may use Paypal or credit card on our website:



-Only digital images on a CD or via email. DVD’s are acceptable for film.

-Digital images must be labeled with artist’s first initial, underscore, last name, underscore, and title (example: a_artist_title.jpg)


Please include a one paragraph artist statement describing your intention/process/circumstances/ goals for each piece submitted. If accepted for the show, we will then also ask for a bio/resume.

-Please provide a SASE with proper postage if you request that submission materials be returned. We regret that we are unable to return any materials without sufficient postage.

-Entry forms, accompanying materials, and payment should be received by 5pm on 11/29/13.


Important Dates:


Deadline for receipt of all entries- 11/29/2013

Notification of acceptance sent- 12/13/13

Deadline for delivery of accepted works-1/10/14

Public opening for Mantra as Art Exhibit- 01/18/14

Close of Mantra as Art Exhibit- 02/14/14

Shipping & pick up of all unsold work- 2/15-2/22/14




Please email the gallery if you have any questions. Info@JourneyArt


Accepted work:

-Notification of acceptance will be sent out by 12/13/13

-Accepted work must be received, whether shipped or dropped off by the artist, by 5pm on 1/10/14.

-All accepted work must be ready to hang or install. 2-D works need to have hanging wire firmly attached, no sawtooth hangers!

-Journey Art Gallery reserves the right to deny inclusion of any work that is not ready for installation or differs significantly from the juried image.

-Sales will be encouraged, and a 40% commission will be retained by the gallery.

*Please note, works are not required to be for sale to be considered for the show. The gallery may limit the number of NFS pieces to 20% of the show.

-Accepted works must remain at Journey Art Gallery throughout the duration of the show, from receipt by 1/10/14 to 2/14/14.

-Artists who wish to have unsold work(s) shipped back to them must send artwork in reusable packaging and include a check or money order (made out to Journey Art Gallery) to cover return shipping costs.

We cannot return artwork without adequate postage.

-Artists who wish to pick up unsold work(s) at Journey Art Gallery must call in advance at 330-546-7061 to arrange pick up sometime between 2/14/14- 2/22/14. Any unsold work without sufficient postage or works not picked up by 2/25/14 will incur a $2.00 storage fee per day for up to 30 days, after which any remaining works will become the property of Journey Art Gallery

-While every precaution will be taken in the handling, installation, and shipping of artwork, Journey Art Gallery will not be held responsible for any.loss or damage that may occur to entries. Works are.insured while on the premises.

Download application at



Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)