Myths & Legends: telling...


CALL for ENTRIES             Deadline to apply:  December 6, 2013

National Juried Call; open to all media, indoor & outdoor works; cash awards

Myths & Legends:  telling fantastical stories through art

February 7 – May 4, 2014

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center, Dowell (Solomons), Maryland


This exhibit celebrates works of art that bring to life fantastical myths, legends, fables, folktales, fairy tales, and the like.  Around the world, from prehistoric times to the present, artists have been part of the story-telling process, giving shape and form to fantastical stories of supernatural beings, great heroes and heroines, cautionary tales, magical creatures, and more.  In ancient times, artists commonly rendered images of these stories on walls, pottery, statuary, tapestries, and paintings.  In more recent times, books, graphic novels, movies, apps, and games have expanded the way we experience these stories.  No matter the time period, the artist becomes the story-teller and shares their spectacular vision through their art.  For this exhibit, we invite artists to submit works that tell fantastical stories.  The goal is assemble a vibrant and diverse selection of works that speak to the many ways artists can enhance and truly bring to life myths and legends.  All media welcome; small to large-scale installations; new media encouraged; indoor & outdoor works; cash awards.  Deadline to apply:  December 6, 2013. 

Juror:  to be announced.

Annmarie Sculpture Garden & Arts Center

In Association with the Smithsonian Institution

P.O. Box 99, 13480 Dowell Road, Dowell (Solomons), MD  20629

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