Seton Hall University’s Walsh Gallery is currently soliciting submissions for a group
thematic exhibition, PAPERWORK, to be shown November 10th through December 12th,
2008.  PAPERWORK is open to all artists who use paper in their work; preference will be
given to those artists who experiment with the medium, so as to introduce visitors to fresh
adaptations of a traditional material.  By focusing on works of artists that use a traditional
artistic medium non-traditionally, the curators seek to create an environment where
visitors can debate the connotations of a work on paper.  By utilizing the familiarity of
paper as a resource, the curators hope to engage visitors in a dialogic experience that will
encourage visitors to use a wider spectrum of descriptive terms to discuss the art on
display as well as challenge the limited perception of works on paper.  The curators are
especially interested in artbooks, photography, mail art, stamp art, design, fashion,
origami, sculpture, installation, collage and cut-outs.