Love Out Of Bounds

The Center for the Arts presents Love out of Bounds, a St. Valentine’s Day show.  St. Valentine’s Day (observed February 14th) began as a celebration of the early Christian Saint, Valentinus, who was imprisoned for performing weddings for soldiers forbidden to marry and for ministering to Christians under the Roman Empire. The day was first associated with romantic love during the High Middle Ages when the tradition of courtly love flourished. In the 18th century, it evolved into a day in which lovers express their love for each other by presenting flowers, candy and sending greeting cards.

CAE seeks artworks made in and out of theme with St. Valentine’s Day. These could be realistic renderings, imaginative interpretations or even abstract artworks of love and relationships. Narrative works that explore all aspects—in love, out of love, current love, past loves, love that doesn’t meet expectations (of friends, family or society), platonic love, familial love, unusual love, etc.—are also encouraged. Pieces submitted should reflect these themes and additional research is encouraged. All media will be accepted.

Artist Timothy C. Flood will jury the show. Flood is a multimedia artist whose work includes surreal stereoscopic photography, interactive community-intervention installations, and concept-based self-expansion using cast iron. His work has been featured in local, national and international exhibitions. Flood was awarded the 2010 Emerging Artist Award by the Flagstaff Photography Center in Arizona. Through his artwork, Flood strives to help bridge the gap between what we believe we know about ourselves and realizing our higher potential as individuals and as a society. Additionally, Flood has been selected as the Lunar Art Capsule Curator/Project Coordinator for team Synergy Moon through the X-Prize Foundation to send a robot to the moon.

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Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)