MoCADA Curatorial Proposal

MoCADA relies on the creativity of local and international guest curators to mount exhibitions in the Museum’s Main Gallery in Brooklyn. From a competitive application process, MoCADA selects three exhibition proposals for further development each year. MoCADA is committed to giving emerging and mid-career curators the opportunity to expand their portfolios and develop a relationship with the Museum.

Each year, MoCADA identifies three social justice or aesthetic themes that are prescient to Africa, the Diaspora and the world. Each season (February – May, July – October, and October – January), one of these themes is explored through a Main Gallery exhibition. The 2015 – 2016 themes are: Mental Health, Spirituality, and Violence. MoCADA welcomes proposals that address themes from all angles – creativity and a unique perspective are more exciting to us than show concepts that tackle themes in a literal, broad, heavy handed and didactic way! Please take the themes only as loose guides or starting points – the more specific the proposal, the better.

Proposals that address any mission-related topic are accepted at any time. However, for consideration for the 2015 to 2016 exhibition schedule, curators should work within one of the themes above and submit proposals by January 15, 2014 . Curators should thoroughly familiarize themselves with the museum’s mission and past exhibitions before submitting. Should you have any questions please email us

Good luck and we look forward to hearing your ideas!

 Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Requirements

  1. Curatorial Submission Form: Electronic Form
  2. Resume or CV: Exhibitions, education, employment history and selected writing. No more than three pages. Resume/CV should be labeled: lastname_firstname_resume.pdf
  3. Curatorial Statement: Brief and concise, ideas about work and approach to curating. No more than one page. Statement should be labeled: lastname_firstname_statement.pdf
  4. Exhibition Proposal: Should include title, exhibition concept and main idea, artists, connection to mission. No more than two pages. Proposal should be labeled: lastname_firstname_proposal.pdf
  5. Theme Statement: Which theme does this proposal address, and how? No more than one page. *This is only required if you are applying specifically for the upcoming year. Theme statement should be labeled: lastname_firstname_theme.pdf
  6. Images: 5 to 10 images, including considered works / works by artists from the Exhibition Proposal, and, if applicable, installation shots from previous curatorial projects. 10MB max per image. All images should be clearly labeled: lastname_firstname_imagenumber.jpeg
  7. Image Inventory List: List of images by number that includes artist name, name of work, medium, dimensions, and date. For installation shots, include the name of the exhibition, dates, and location. Inventory list should be labeled: lastname_firstname_inventorylist.pdf

Please email Resume/CV, Statement, Proposal, Theme Statement, Images and Image Inventory List to

Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
New Media