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The TFHMF Award 2014 is a brand new crowd funded award created by the renowned Dutch and Finnish art foundations Tupajumi and HeavyMerryFinland. The main objective by both organizations is to promote (inter)national artists worldwide at key locations within local art scenes.


This year Tupajumi and HeavyMerryFinland present five top artists in a group exhibition at the popular Swedish Supermarket art fair selected by an international jury of critics, art professionals, and colleague artists. One of them will win the TFHMF Award, including prize money raised by the visitors of the art fair.




The TFHMF Award 2014 is an international award for the very best in contemporary art. If you want to be presented by Tupajumi and HeavyMerryFinland at the Swedish Supermarket art fair and win the award, you can enter 1-3 artworks for the jury to select.


All works submitted will be displayed on our website.


Out of all the artworks entered a long-list will be made which consist out of 25 artworks. This long-list will be on view via a video loop in our booth at the art fair. The professional jury will further narrow down the long-list in to a selection of 5 finalists, which will be physically on display at the Supermarket art fair.


Visitors of the art fair will now play a pivotal role in determining who the actual winner will be. They will be asked to cast a vote on their favourite artwork (with a minimum of €1 per vote). They decide who the lucky winner will be and they contribute to the prize money. We of course will do our utmost to get as many votes as possible.


The competition is open for all artists. The criteria for entering is that the artwork should be original, contemporary and challenging. With many people from the professional art scene viewing our website and visiting our stand at the Supermarket art fair, we invite you to send in your best artworks.


The highly regarded art fair will be held at the Kulturhuset in Stockholm, Sweden from February 14-16, 2014. Close to a hundred international artist run galleries and initiatives present their organizations and their affiliated artists to thousands of visitors.


It’s the Scandinavian Art Event of the Year!


Both the jury members and the two organizing parties will have a chance to see your artwork and resumé (CV) and might select you to participate for future projects. Consider it curatorial speed dating.


The call for entries for the TFHMF Award 2014 will run from the 16th of December 2013 until January 19th, 2014. More info:


19 January 2014 – Deadline for entries by 12pm
24 January 2014 – Shortlist announced and all participants informed on results
14-16 February 2014 – Exhibition at Supermarket Art Fair
16 February 2014 – TFHMF Award Winner announced at 16.00hrs.


1. Participants themselves partially crowd fund the TFHMF Award 2014 by contributing a small participation fee
2. In order to vote for their favorite artwork, visitors of the art fair pay a small fee to cast their votes, amounting in the prize money to be won
3. The organization of the TFHMF Award will start an extra crowd funding campaign in order to further raise the award money


All the organizational work for the TFHMF award done by the Tupajumi foundation, HeavyMerryFinland and the jury-members is completely done on a voluntary base and in a non profit manner.




Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)