"Solo Exhibition"

Be selected for a One-Person Show at G25N’s online gallery. This Competition is open to all artists 18 years of age or older working in any painting, drawing, photography or digital medium. Our mission is to provide artists with exposure and extensive marketing of their art and accomplishments to our national and international list of clientele.

This national/international art competition will select an artist for a “one-person” online exhibit at Gallery 25N to run for a minimum of one month. The exhibit will consist of 5 – 15 works of art. The selected artist will set the theme (create your own theme) for this exhibit based on the artist’s body of work.

Entry Fee: 5 images $25

Gallery25N.com & ArtCompetition.net will co-market the artist and his/her art exhibition worldwide in the following way:

Invitations: Electronic Postcards for the exhibit’s opening will be sent to a
list that exceeds 12,000 recipients.

Press Release: Press release announces will be released to 60 news outlets.

Event Listings & Calendars: The exhibit will also promote the artists exhibition to 60 online event lists.

Newsletter: The Artist and the exhibition will be featured in Artist Website Pro’s, “Art Market News” with over 10,000 subscribers

Social Media Marketing: The exhibition will be marketed through social media-marketing network via LinkedIn, Pintrist, Tweeter, GooglePlus, Facebook, etc.

Submission Opens:  May /30/2014
Submission Deadline:  July /21/2014
Curator Selection:  July /24/2014
Artist Notification: July /30/2014
Exhibit Opens :  August /22/2014

To Enter Go to:

Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art