Call For Artists: Free Pl...

Starry Night Programs is proud to announce their free opportunity to help artists get more attention and recognition in our new printed catalogue of emerging artists, and we’re calling it our “Artists to Look Out For”.  

Applications are now being accepted. If accepted, inclusion is FREE and there is NO APPLICATION FEE.

Submission Deadline is July 15th

Print Date: September 1st.

Submit your work here:


Please submit four of your absolute best works along with your current CV or artist resume, your artist statement and a current headshot.  


We will be choosing the best and most promising emerging artists to include, and printing one to three images of their work in a full color, 8 ½ by 11 inch catalogue that will be available for sale online as a download as well as in print.


•You will have a printed and polished catalogue that features you and your work alongside a bunch of other promising, emerging artists.

•When gallerists or interested buyers ask you, “Where have you been published”? You can hand them this catalogue.

•When people come through your latest show and ask “What else have you been doing?” or “Where can I see more work of yours?” You can hand them them this catalogue.

•The catalogue will be published and made available for sale on Lulu- a company that has published over 1.1 million titles- and

•The catalogue will be shared on our social media channels and pushed out to our mailing list of thousands of people.

And lastly, if you’re selected, we’ll also

•Share individual tweets and other postings about you and your work on our @StarryRetreat twitter handle


It is absolutely FREE to be included. AKA, there’s no risk for you- only benefit.



Recently, when we were standing at our Exposure NYC booth, We had a Eureka moment. We suddenly realized that you- as a unique artist with a unique story- should be treating yourself like a brand and that we -as the trailblazers that we are – should be helping you do that because, well, it’s is what we do. 


We thought of ways we could implement our newfound ideas, and one of them was to create a book. Hell, we’ve already made catalogues for all of our exposure exhibitions! We thought, how can we help more artists than just the ones that are ready to push their careers to be in a big art fair? What about all the other emerging artists? There’s tons of us out there, so what can we do to help the most amount of artists establish their personal brand?


Our answer: create a printed catalogue filled with artists we truly believe in.


We want to showcase the artists that we really believe in, beyond the ones we’ve already worked with in our residency and exposure programs (although we are partial to them because they’ve touched our hearts). So now we’d like to hear from you.

Please send us four of your absolute best work samples to be considered for placement in our catalogue. Oh, did we mention that it’s FREE?








Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)