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The Starry Night Exposure Program has paved a new path in the art world. We have created a program that makes it viable, and super cost effective, for individual artists to show their work at high traffic, international art fairs. We are now accepting applications for Exposure LA, an exhibition that will take place at World Wide Art Los Angeles on October 16-19, 2014.


DEADLINE: July 15th, 2014





The World Wide Art fair is dedicated to showcasing fine art, how it is in this moment. It is an international, fine art show that will serve as a visual montage of influential fine art, as it exists across the globe.


Starry Night Programs is dedicated to helping emerging and established artists boost their careers by giving them the chance to show their work at high-traffic, international art fairs such as World Wide Art LA, The Frieze Art Fair New York and Art Basel Miami.



Starry Night Exposure invites driven, dedicated visual artists to apply.  Mediums include, but are not limited to, sculpture, video art, digital art, photography, painting, and drawing. Emerging and established artists are encouraged to apply.



The cost of participation in Starry Night Exposure is $3,000.

Payment plans are available to help space out the cost, if needed.


Going it alone at one of these fairs costs upwards of $18,000. We are able to cut the cost of exposure down to an accessible rate to help artists gain the exposure they need to give their careers a boost or sustain their momentum. And, we do more than just stick your work in a booth.



·      Exposure at a fair that would otherwise be inaccessible to individual artists

·      The opportunity to show your work in Los Angeles; one of the most important art markets in the world

·      Exposure by thousands of serious buyers

·      Access to collectors, dealers, and gallerists

·      No-strings-attached representation that helps you get picked up by a gallery

·      End to end exhibition and portfolio presentation by dedicated and knowledgeable staff

·      Stress-free exhibition; all you have to do is ship us your work, relax, and we do the rest

·      Printed promotional materials with you and your work including fliers, invitations, and more

·      A published catalogue that showcases all of our artists with their work, statement, bio, and artwork images, available for sale during and after the fair

·      Consistent representation online on the Starry Night Exposure Gallery

·      Opportunity for sustained exposure on our Amazon Art Gallery, which puts our artists’ work at the fingertips of 200 million buyers

·      VIP passes to exclusive events, a mixer specifically for Starry Night Artists, and passes to other fairs in the area



Artists typically sell work during our shows, and we do everything we can to help our artists sell. In most cases, when the gallery does a split of the total sale price with the artist, they take upwards of 60% of the total amount that a piece sells for. This leaves less than half of the total selling price for the artist, the creator of the work, to take home. This just seems wrong to us. The Exposure program aims to make the opportunity for an artist to show and sell work at the Fair as cost effective as possible. In this spirit, we take only 30% of the total amount of the sale, leaving the artist with 70%.




You can apply on our website here:




•    Between 8 and 10 work samples, images must be:

oAt least 300dpi and no smaller than 1500 pixels

oLabeled as follows: Last name_1, Last name_2, etc.

oInclude a description list with your name, image name, work title, date executed, dimensions, medium, and price (if applicable)

oDimensions of artwork cannot exceed 25”

•A current CV or Artist Resume

•Artist Statement






“Southern California is one of the most important art markets in the world,”  –ArtQuench Magazine


“Providing not only thousands of pieces of work for its audience to view, [World Wide Art Los Angeles] brings the influential voice of art to the masses,”  –New Jersey Stage



Why is it so expensive? The Exposure Program is expensive because participating in a global art fair is really expensive.  In fact, this is a tiny fraction of the total cost, and we make it worth the investment. We believe that the money spent by you to participate really goes to gain exposure at a very high-traffic art fair that would otherwise be completely closed to an individual artist such as yourself. Aside from selling work (which many of our artists always do), there have been many intangible benefits for artists who exhibit with us. 

Our artists have been invited to participate in shows in new cities, been asked to do speaking engagements at groups of collectors and artists, they have even had their work in our exhibition photographed and published in Vogue Italia! Because a Vogue Italia photographer came in and loved our artists’ work so much, he said he just had to photograph it (http://www.vogue.it/people-are-talking-about/parties-events/2013/12/miami-art-basel-weekend-recap - ad-image315337)! 

Furthermore, we have been selected by Amazon.com to sell art on their online platform. This means that we will now be able to put our artists’ work on a platform that has 200 million buyers, which is something we only do for our Exposure artists. 

The possibility for getting picked up by a gallery, making new prestigious contacts, getting featured in various print publications, and gaining the exposure you need to sustain the momentum of your career- that is what we work hard to make happen for our artists, and let me tell you, it’s not cheap! We promote heavily for our artists by sending out a mass national press release, creating a print catalogue, handing out show fliers and showcasing all of our artists and their work in our online Exposure gallery (http://starrynightexposure.com/past-exhibitions/artists/). Of course, we pay top dollar for our exhibition spaces, for lighting, insurance, tables, chairs, advertising, coordinating the transporting of furniture and all the art to and from the show, plus we have to pay for a team of dedicated staff to make this all happen! And the list goes on.


What’s not included in the fees for the program? The participation fees do not include artist’s travel/ lodging (if you choose to attend in person), framing of artwork or shipping of artwork to and from the Fair.


What kind of work do you accept for the Exposure Program? We accept 2-D and 3-D contemporary artwork from emerging and established artists. Your submissions may not exceed 25” in any dimension due to the tight space restrictions of our booths.


What does non-exclusive representation mean? With many galleries, there is a contract for exclusive representation that you, the artist, sign on for. This means that you can only show with that specific gallery unless they approve of it. With us, that is not the case. We represent you for the time that the Fair is going on. During this time we are actively talking with other gallerists and collectors about your work, and letting them know you are available to sign on with their gallery at the end of the Fair. After the Fair is over, you are free to sign on with any gallery that wants to pick you up. In fact, that is our goal for you. 

If the Exposure program can leverage your work into gallery in New York, Los Angeles, London, or anywhere else, we will consider ours a job well done. This is as much about getting your top quality work picked up by a gallery as it is about getting your best work in front of serious collectors. 


Do I have to travel to Los Angeles for the exhibition? No, you do not have to attend the fair. We leave that decision up to you, though. If you’d like to join us in LA, you may. If you don’t wish to attend, or you can’t, then all you have to do is send us your work, relax, and we’ll do the rest.


Do I have to participate in the Starry Night Residency program to be able to participate in the Exposure program? No. We will be reviewing applications from present and former Artists In Residence as well as artists who have never participated in any other Starry Night programs to date. 



Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)