Patterns of Nature

All photographs rely upon a certain balance of shapes, forms and patterns to succeed in rising to the level of asking for a second or third look; all the while it is assumed that a wonderful wash of complimentary light is present. But here our goal is PATTERNS. Not the ART 101 class description in basic composition but a discovery of, or a personal view of that moment when balance fills the frame. Or perhaps the contrary, an edge that strikes the eye in just that right way that keeps bringing one back for another look. Sometimes breaking the ‘rules’ brings a photograph to the highest level.

Guest Juror: Jim Brandenburg
Jim Brandenburg traveled the globe as a photographer with National Geographic magazine for over three decades. He has done assignment work and has been published in numerous national and international publications including the New York Times, Life, Time, Audubon, Smithsonian, Natural History, GEO, Modern Maturity, BBC Wildlife, Outdoor Photographer, National Wildlife, and Outside.

Over the course of his long career, Jim Brandenburg has received a multitude of prestigious national and international honors for his work. The National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) twice named him Magazine Photographer of the Year for his National Geographic magazine work. He was named Kodak Wildlife Photographer of the Year by BBC Wildlife Magazine and the Natural History Museum–London, and was the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award by the North American Nature Photographers Association (NANPA). Brandenburg was a Hasselblad Master in 2002, a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens in 2001, and Canon Explorer of Light 2005-08.

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