Sexism: A Touchy Subject

TITLE: Sexism: A Touchy Subject is our 2015 members open juried exhibition with cash awards and prizes open call to all self-identified women artists. 

PROSPECTUS: Sexism today is a touchy subject. Sex, when used as the basis for discrimination is called sexism, a term coined in the 1960s. Yet even now, a half century later, a definition has never reached consensus. Why?

Is it the belief that one sex is intrinsically inferior? Do genders think differently about sex and all its related matters? Is this nature so deep in our psyche it exists in a realm beyond our reach?

If our sexual identity is unconscious it makes our often extreme reactions hard to understand let alone explain. Yet it pervades all cultures and personal experience fundamentally. Bodily autonomy. Economics. Motherhood. The responding political movements reverberate with gender memes as we lurch blindly into the future looking for justice, looking for satisfaction, looking for love.

All artwork must be shipped to and from within the Continental U.S.  This is an open call for juried art exhibition in San Francisco with opening gala event on Friday, July 3rd. All styles

The gender “wars” are exhausting. But is it better to avoid the topic? What is just, when it comes to a woman? #artandfeminism

AWARDS: Awards for creativity of concept, excellence of design and expertise of media: 1st pl $300, 2nd pl $150, 3rd pl $50. 

JUROR: Catharine Clark, founder and gallerist of the Catharine Clark Gallery in San Francisco and New York City.


VENUE: Arc Gallery, 1246 Folsom Street, San Francisco, CA 94103

CONTACT: Susan Kraft 650-444-1354


Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)