Westward Unbound – An Inc...

The Center for the Arts presents Westward Unbound – An Inclusive Exhibition of Western American ArtHistorically, American art of the west has struggled to define itself over the course of the 19th and 20th centuries fluctuating from images of factual representation to fine works of artistic merit. There often remains a distinct division within art museums and exhibitions of Western art types; that is between art created by Euro-Americans of the West and art created by Native-Americans, and other people living in the West.  The category of Western American art remained primarily reserved for those artworks created by white Americans, thus ignoring a multitude of artists living and creating in the west.  In the 21st century, along with multiculturalism, we have seen more attempts to bridge the gap between the race and nationality of artists and how their art is consigned to one category of art or another. To follow suit, in this exhibition we are not bound by the disruptive borders of race, ethnicity, color, language, age, or sex of the artist.  Instead we focus on the real word of importance - the “West.”  If it was made in the West, about the West, or for the West, then it fits in the category of Western American Art. CAE is inviting artists of all cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds to submit up to three artworks that fit the abovementioned definition of Western American Art. Pieces submitted can be of any visual art media and are not limited to a specific subject matter as long as a connection to Western America can be ascertained or explained by the artist.  It is recommended that an attached document with a short description of the artist’s background and the meaning or importance of the piece be included with the basic entry form.

Prospectus: http://www.evergreenarts.org/pdfs/CAE_exhibit_31.pdf



Pen and Ink
Color Pencil
Traditional Photography
Digital Photography
New Media
Digital Art
Printmaking (hand pulled)