A Juried Exhibition of Self-Published On-Demand Photography Books. March 6-28, 2008. 23 Sandy Gallery, Portland, Oregon. WHAT IS PHOTO+BOOK? - Photographers have been witness to a dizzying array of groundbreaking innovations in recent years. One of those exciting innovations is the emergence of self-published, on demand book printing services. You know.... Blurb, Lulu, iPhoto, MyPublisher and all those other proliferating providers as well. These books allow photographers to present their photographs in a high-quality, low-cost and professional-looking book. With the excellent quality of on-demand printers in the marketplace today, you can publish one copy just for you or publish lots of copies and market them under your own imprint. You can even get ISBN numbers and sell your books online or in stores. They also make great book dummies to show to the big publishers. Every photographer dreams of having a book of their photographs published. No longer is it necessary to amass thousands of dollars and