Its a Small World
The show will be Sept 19 and will last seven days. I will be accepting up to six submissions but will choose up to four by June 30. Artists should submit photos of the work on 100 dpi (155 k) or larger by way of E-mail to Cost to be in the show: $20 payable upon acceptance into the show. A miniature shall be defined as: # A. Definitions: ? Miniature paintings and sculptures are fine art on a small scale, with minute attention to detail, which can be enlarged or withstand close inspection without revealing its faults. ? Use as a guideline (not a rule) the following for a general definition of small scale: A representational subject should be no larger than 1/6th of its actual size. Example: An adult human head (measuring from the top of the forehead to the bottom of the chin) is about 9 inches. One-sixth (1/6th) of its actual size indicates that the head should be no larger than 11?2inches. ? Exceptions: (a) Subjects too small for portrayal in 1/6th or smaller of its actual size may meet the spirit of a miniature if the work meets the above definition of miniature art. ? (b) Non-representational work such as abstracts or surrealism may meet the spirit of a miniature if all other factors in the definition of miniature art are met. ? B. Image size not to exceed 25 square inches. Elder Street Gallery Houston,TX 281-250-4889
Pen and Ink
Printmaking (hand pulled)