Without Borders - Conjunc...
ARTIST SEEKS OTHER HALF FOR COLLABORATION! The University of Maine Intermedia MFA Program is presenting the sixth iteration if its Without Borders show, titled Conjunction. We are pursuing the theme, not only in terms of the content of the show, but also in terms of the organization of the show itself by calling for collaborators. It will be up to the participating artists to investigate or solve the issues of collaboration, such as distance and communication. 1. Peruse the ?personal? ads on the front page of the Without Borders website and choose an artist. http://sato.asap.um.maine.edu/witoutborders/index.html 2. Apply to work with the artist by submitting the following material via email to: Conjunction@umit.maine.edu ? Choice of Collaborator from Personal Ads on front page ? Artist Bio ? Statement explaining the desire to work with selected artist ? 3-5 images of previous work If your application is accepted, your collaborating artist will contact you by 5-22-09 and together, you will devise a working strategy and proposal for the Without Borders show which opens in August 2009. Applications due 5-15-09 No Entry Fee Sponsored in part by a Grant from the Cultural Affairs / Distinguished Lecture Series Fund, technical support by the New Media Department and The Intermedia MFA