2010 SPE National Conference
Society for Photographic Education 47th SPE National Conference March 4 ? 7, 2010 Philadelphia, PA Facing Diversity: Leveling the Playing Field in the Photographic Arts Online Submission Deadline: June 1, 2009 Download proposal submission guidelines at spenational.org SPE welcomes proposals from all photographers, writers, educators, curators, historians and professionals from other fields. Topics are not required to be theme-based, and may include but are not limited to, imagemaking, history, contemporary theory and criticism, multidisciplinary approaches, new technologies, effects of media and culture, educational issues, funding, and presentations of work in photography, film, video, performance and installation. All submissions are reviewed by a ten-member peer review panel and current SPE membership is required to submit. Presentation Format Descriptions ? Lecture - presentation on historical topic, theory or another artist?s work ? Imagemaker - presentation on your own artistic work ? Panel - a group led by a moderator to discuss a chosen topic ? Demonstration - a ?how-to? presentation ? Graduate Student - short presentation of your own artistic work and a brief introduction to your graduate program (must be enrolled in graduate program at time of submission) ? Academic Practicum Workshop - lectures (one presenter, one time slot) and panels (more than one presenter, two time slots) that address educational issues The Society for Photographic Education is a non-profit membership organization that provides a forum for the discussion of photography-related media as a means of creative expression and cultural insight. Through its interdisciplinary programs, services and publications, the society seeks to promote a broader understanding of the medium in all its forms, and to foster the development of its practice, teaching, scholarship and criticism.
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