Tikkun Daily- Blog Launch
Art You Can Believe In Interested in submitting to Tikkun magazine or to Tikkun Daily? Read on for an in-depth discussion of what we?re looking for. In the art world these days, it is quite difficult to find images that are not only artistically strong but also have hopeful social content. We need images that critique the pretensions and cruelties of our materialistic and self-centered culture. We also need artwork about peace, spirituality, hope, and social transformation that is NOT sappy, corny, or part of a New Age aesthetic. Tikkun Daily is accepting submissions for out art gallery. It will feature rotating artists that highlight Tikkun's themes while bringing dialogue and insight to our featured artists' methods and interests. Submissions accepted for our blog will as well be considered to illustrate articles for future issues of Tikkun Magazine. Please email art.tikkun@gmail.com for our guidelines and submission requirements.