International call for submissions. Rise&Fall: What does a world without walls look like to you? Rise&Fall is a mobile art installation and music event commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The exhibition features artwork interpreting the theme 'bringing down walls/breaking down barriers' (both literally and symbolically) and music performed by Turkish-German DJ/Producer, DJ Ipek Ipekcioglu. Artists, from amateur to professional, are invited to submit digital versions of their art along with a short description of what 'bringing down walls' means to them - either as directly related to the Berlin Wall or on a more symbolic, personal, cultural or social level. The goal is to create an interactive environment that celebrates freedom without barriers and what that looks like to all kinds of people. The selected images and descriptions will be displayed on digital frames and projected in event venues across the U.S. during Rise&Fall events. Artists will also have the opportunity to submit purchase information for their art piece and a link to their website or portfolio. A select group of Rise&Fall art will be invited to be published in a limited-edition, commemorative Rise&Fall book of which the selected artists will receive one free. Events will take place in New York, Miami, Boston, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles in November 2009. Art accepted until September 30, 2009. Submit art by going to: http://www.rise-fall.com. No Submission Fee.