Winter Expo 2009
INTERNATIONAL CALL TO ARTISTS EXHIBIT: Winter Expo 2010 ONLINE JURIED ART GALLERY EXHIBIT LOCATION: QUALIFIED ARTWORK: All submitted artwork must be abstract, figurative, landscape or still life. An unlimited variety of medium and discipline are accepted as well as a wide variety of subjects and styles are eligible for each category including - but not limited to - traditional, contemporary, and conceptual art. Finalists will be selected for artistic excellence. CATEGORIES: Abstract, Figurative, and Landscape/Still life SUBMIT EARLY: Artists are encouraged to submit early and participate in the pre-exhibit show which opens November 15, 2009. EARLY ENTRIES: Accepted Now ENTRY DEADLINE: December 1, 2009, 11:59 pm PST GRAND OPENING: January 1, 2010 SUBMIT: 1 or 2 works of art per submission at SUBMISSION FEE: $25 US Dollars. AWARDS: $4,550 USD total value SEE PROSPECTUS: COMMISSION FREE: Infinity Art Gallery promotes artists to art magazines, museums, galleries and art collectors through online juried exhibits. Art collectors are encouraged to visit the artists' websites and purchase art directly from submitting artists.