New Directions 2010 - Dow...
We are currently accepting submissions for our fourth annual juried show - New Directions. Juror - Carol McCusker, PhD - Curator of Photography, Museum of Photographic Arts (MoPA), San Diego, CA This call for entries privileges two points of view: looking down from a high vantage point, and looking out to a vanishing horizon. Art historian, Albert Boime, described the former as a "Magisterial Gaze" that gave early Americans, through painting and printmaking, a view at one with God, hence, Manifest Destiny. The latter may simply be the romance of the road, or curiosity about what lies just out of sight - an American impulse from early pioneers to Jack Kerouac. Numerous painters and photographers have employed these vantage points, subsequently, they run the risk of clich?. When done well, however, each reveals the unexpected, as in Szarkowski's photograph, Country Elevator (see wall space blog to view picture). The optimist in me delights at the disorienting perspective of looking down whereby familiar objects become abstract and dizzyingly beautiful, to looking out, with that forward motion promising adventure or escape. The title Down & Out might conjure images of ne'er-do-wells (risky, if the public decides not to inquire further). What I hope the photographs provide, however, is pleasure in the variety of ways 'down' and 'out' can be imaged, and what emotional liberation such points-of-view can have on our often confined and overly responsible psyches. Open Submission period - 1 October 2009 - 15 November 2009 Artists notified - 15 December 2009 Prints due to wall space gallery - 4 January 2010 Wall space exhibition - 5 January - 31 January 2010 23 Sandy Exhibition - 5 February - 27 February 2010 Your entry (via mail with CD or on-line) must reach the gallery by 15 November 2009. A maximum of 5 images may be submitted Traditional or Digital Images may be submitted Submission fee is $35USD. If mailing entry, enclose payment. On-line entries can use google checkout to pay. Image selections will be made and artists notified 15 December 2009. For more information please contact the gallery.