Big. Bang. Box!
This listing should not post until December 1st, 2009. Theme Everything has a point of origin. Art Box International began with a nucleus of artists banding together through a series of random connections. Seeking to establish promotion for their own work, and to create a venue to highlight their collective curatorial viewpoint, the founders established Art Box International as an entity dedicated to hosting temporary exhibition events. ?Big. Bang. Box!? celebrates the expansion of this nucleus to a global network. Art Box launches its premier reveal in Chicago, Lagos, and Tokyo in June 2010. ?Big. Bang. Box!? emphasizes the types of connections that helped to create it. Artists whose work explores chance, contemporary means of connection, and global networking are encouraged to submit their work for this extraordinary opportunity. Information about Art Box: Art Box International promotes contemporary art events in cities throughout the world. Art Box international promotes globally the work of local, established and emerging artists and artisans, through ther exhibitions, catalogs, DVDs, online archve and votng process, workng to create connections between art communities.