To Our Idols

To our Idols: Whom do we look up to? What things inspire us? From places to objects to people -contemporary, historical or fictional, famous or not, Idols seeks each artists creative answers to these questions. Using both boldest strokes and humblest tones, Idols invites you to explore this theme.  Artists may express themselves in, but are not limited to photography, watercolor, painting, mixed media, sculpture, music, performance, video, drawing, cartoon and more. This is a juried exhibition.


Event Eligibility

Gallery Sitting: Participating artists are expected to volunteer some time to staff the gallery during the show. Bring your calendar when delivering your work prepared to volunteer for a few hours to gallery sit. An important responsibility.

Annual membership fee is $35.00.

*A $20 Handling Fee is required of out-of-town artists sending accepted works by post, UPS or Fed Ex .

**A refundable sitting fee of $40 is required from all accepted NON out-of-town artists, to be returned upon completion of one volunteered weekend afternoon of manning the gallery during the run of the show.

Entry Fee

The nonrefundable entry fee is for the submission of up to 6 artworks.

Make check or money order payable to the Rockaway Artists Alliance

For More Information, visit our website at or call 718-474-0861