Zeros+Ones: The Digital Era

The gala digital/New Media exhibition will be held at the gallery in New York opening March 6 - 21, 2010

National and international artists may submit work for this exhibition.

Full information can be found on the gallery's website

Open to all 2-D work submitted as digital files by email or on disc. Video and sound submitted on disc. All digital work welcome including video, digital film, recorded sound, Photoshop plus plus, vector drawing, virtual, apps, Iphone, games, interactive, digital painting, algorithmic, integrated synthesis, digital manipulation, ASCII, web comics, internet and more.

Dedicated email for submissions supplied upon entry.

This is a non-juried show. All artists who submit to the exhibition will be included in the show.

Watch for climate/gallery's launch of BNM, Bitstream New Media during the exhibition. 

Catalogue of exhibition, inclusion on website.

Digitally created artwork has emerged along with the rapid development in computer technology and is showing up in many galleries. As a result, digital media has taken its place beside the rest of world art no longer having to answer to the age old question, "Yes, but is it art?" 

The gallery’s mission is to find and exhibit artists from all over the United States and the world. The gallery provides opportunities for artist’s work to be seen by curators and other arts professionals working in New York. We actively review artists who participate in our shows for traditional representation and other opportunities, such as inclusion in our Flat File inventory

New Media