PixelPops! 2010

ONLINE CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: 6th ANNUAL PIXEL POPS! 2010 Newark, New Jersey, USA. SUBMISSION DEADLINE: 31 July 2010. PixelPops! 2010 will be held in October in a variety of outdoor locations across the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area. This year's curatorial team is: Jeanne Brasile, Hiroshi Kumagai, Polina Zaitseva and Jade Lien.

SUBMIT ONLINE NOW!  - http://www.poppingpixels.org/2010/2010.asp


The selected short films (5 minutes or less) will address issues faced by urban communities in America and aim to include the broadest number of interpretations on the theme. Films that highlight both the challenges and joys of urban life will be shown. In doing so, a balanced portrait of New York metropolitan area will highlight difficulties, and advantages of urban living and of those cities' inhabitants.

The films will be projected onto vacant buildings, idle billboards, crumbling structures such as stanchions, bridges, piers, etc. Selected screening sites shall be chosen for their proximity and line of sight to highways, airline flight patterns, rail lines and areas with heavy foot traffic. Locations will be in heavily-populated urban areas to facilitate viewing by the maximum number of non-traditional art audiences.

The selected films will present what perhaps those passing by on highways, planes and railways may have never paused to contemplate.

IMPORTANT: Submissions must be respectful with regard to content of the public nature of the event. Films should not contain any visuals that might be inappropriate for public broadcast.


Digital Art