with/drawn: Contemporary ...

This exhibition aims to investigate the capacity of drawing; from the intimate, intricate mark to the volatile, restless moving image.  We encourage multi-media submissions. Drawing, printmaking, photography, video or installations are acceptable mediums as long as drawing is the basis or inspiration for the work.

Online Submission Only:

Submit maximum 8 digital images via email. We will only accept JPG file formats sized under 3 MB. Please give number, title, date, size for each JPG and include a description with corresponding numbers in the email.  No maximum size of original art. Video can be submitted as links to youtube, or any quality streaming format, or sent to a free online file sharing system like yousendit : maximum 3 submissions, any length. 

Please include a brief artist’s statement, current bio in your email submission.

Entry Fee: Non-refundable fee of 30 USD for first 5 images. Additional images +5 USD. Paypal accepted:  drhu45@gmail.com

Deadline for entry: May 1st, 2010