Without Borders 7 Exhibit...

The Intermedia Program and University of Maine Lord Hall Gallery, Orono are seeking video submissions for its Without Borders 7 Exhibition, Intermedia (August - September 2010).

Video submissions must be a maximum in length of 15 minutes, may take any direction/subject or approach; however must be related to the concept of Intermedia which is the theme of this year's Exhibition. Each artist may submit up to 2 (two) video pieces for consideration by the curators. All selected artists will be included in the video DVD catalog and will receive 3 free copies of the catalog.

We have chosen the term Intermedia for this year's festival as a way to reflect our programmatic aim and intent - that is to work with, and study, creative processes and to develop works which fall conceptually between media. Such works can be "between" media that are already known/used, "between" traditional disciplines such as art and computer science and "between" functions or uses such as personal expression and documentation. This sense of Intermedia, and by extension our exhibition, is directly taken from the art theorist Dick Higgins who is primarily responsible for determining the contemporary use of this term. In 1966 Higgins wrote the following:

For the last ten years or so, artists have changed their media to suit this situation, to the point where the media have broken down in their traditional forms, and have become merely puristic points of reference.  The idea has arisen, as if by spontaneous combustion throughout the entire world, that these points are arbitrary and only useful as critical tools, in saying that such-and-such a work is basically musical, but also poetry. This is the intermedial approach, to emphasize the dialectic between the media. A composer is a dead man unless he composes for all the media and for his world.

Published in: Wolf Vostell (ed.): Decoll/age(decollage) * 6, Typos Verlag, Frankfurt - Something Else Press, New York, July 1967

The three key aspects we hope artists will explore for their submissions to Intermedia are:

1. Traditional media distinctions are only reference points not limits for current

creative practice.

2. A studio practice that interrogates/shapes media through intellectual/critical

tools (praxis).

3. A necessity of new forms that result from a dialectic between materials,

media or categories

Submissions must be postmarked by June 30th, 2010 and must be received on DVD or flash drive (will not be returned) in Quicktime H.264.

Send DVD, artist bio, artist statement and contact information to:

W/O Borders 7

New Media Department

Chadbourne Hall

University of Maine

Orono, ME 04469

No Entry Fee.

DVDs and/or flash drives will not be returned. Submission of any materials constitutes permission for their non-commercial use in the exhibition and catalog, for PR materials, Web presentations and public screenings by the University of Maine and W/O Borders.

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