Donkey Art Prize

Blindonkey cultural association, a no-profit organization settled in Verona
(Italy), is proud to announce the opening of the International Donkey Art
Prize, the art competition open to every artist without limits of age, sex
or nationality, with the aim of promoting modern and contemporary art all
over the world, discovering emerging artist and organizing artistic and
cultural events with international kind.
The competition is divided in three section: Painting, Digital art and
Photography. For each category the winner will be awarded with a 5000 euros
cash prize.
At the end of the participation's term, which is the 15th of December 2010,
a professional jury made by people from the association, the Italian academy
of Art Cignaroli, professional artists, critics and others, will select by
majority , the100 finalist artworks.
All the finalists will be invited to join a series of four events in the
four cities of the DonkeyArtPrize circuit, Milan, London, New York and Tokyo
sending their own work; every events will run together with fashion shows,
musical performances and parties made for that.=0D
The details of the competition, the regulation and modalities of
participation can be easily viewed at

New Media
Digital Art